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I’ve been a visual artist for as long as I can remember. It’s all I ever wanted to do. To take that image or idea that is emblazoned on my mind and transfer it on to something tangible. To allow that image to become something else to someone else. To allow their translation of the work to become something of its own. read more…

I currently sell the vast majority of my work via Commission from recommendation or from my Website or any of my social media pages. As I regularly update them with completed work. I am planning on selling via Shows, and events so please keep checking my events page regularly, or if you have something specific in mind please contact me. read more…

Recent Works

  • Warm coloursed Conte Pastel Crow
  • Pastel Warm Tones Crow
  • Conte Ink Crow 2
  • Spray and ink Crow
  • Warm coloured Pastel Crow
  • warm coloured Pastel Crow 2
  • Ink and spray Raven
  • Pastel and Conte Crow
  • Pastel and Conte Crow Blue tones
  • Pastel Blue tones Crow 3
  • Pastel Blue tones Crow 2
  • Pastel Blue tones Crow 5
  • Pastel Blue tones Crow
  • Conte Ink Crow 5
  • Pastel Crow 3
  • Conte Crow Study
  • Pastel Crow 4
  • Grey Patel Crow
  • Pastel Crow 2
  • Conte Head Study
  • Conte Raven Head Study
  • Raven Ink Purple study copy
  • Steve the Raven
  • Watercolour Crow 1
  • Conte Raven Study
  • Corvidae Study
  • watercolour crow with Border
  • Mixed Media Crow Study 2
  • Mixed Media Crow Study
  • Liisa Clark Crow Wing
  • Ink Crow Study
  • Crow Pen & Ink study copy

Other Works

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If you’d like to commission some work or wish to contact me please use the form.

I accept visits to the studio to view work or discuss commissions but by appointment only. Please contact me using the form and I’ll be in contact to establish a mutually acceptable time